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WordPress is a content management system especially designed for blogs and websites. It is very user friendly. Users can add audio, video, images and text to their sites and blogs by using a WordPress platform. You do not need to be proficient in web programing if you are using the relevant theme. It is very easy to make updations on a website created on a WordPress platform. It is as simple as updating a Facebook profile. WordPress is a publishing platform that focuses on usability, web standards and aesthetics. It is free to use.

Does a WordPress Theme function like a website?

Yes but you need a WordPress platform to use a WordPress theme. This platform is required to create a website with a WordPress theme.

How are Themesdesk themes more effective than other themes?

Our WordPress themes are devised and designed with various options which are not available in other themes. The content can be easily managed by the users with these themes. Moreover, these are customizable.

How to Begin?

You require a hosting provider and a domain of your website. Install the WordPress platform on the server. Install your WordPress theme and activate it.

WordPress.org VS WordPress.com

We use wordpress.org to create themes. A WordPress platform of wordpress.org is used to create a website that provides a complete control over code, features, hosting environment and themes. WordPress.com offers less options and themes. It is a blogging community that is free to use. You can make use of our themes by purchasing a domain & hosting and installing a WordPress platform.

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