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Terms and Conditions | Themes Desk Wordpress Themes

The following terms and conditions are applicable on the purchase of a theme:

1. General Usage

When you buy a theme, you have an unlimited access to the theme for yourself or your client. An unlimited usage is guaranteed. Our design files, which are included with the theme, are especially designed to suit the requirements of your website. We develop our themes considering the client work suitability. Themes Desk has the authority to modify the themes, licensing and terms and conditions at any point of time.

2. Support

Themes Desk offers support on the purchase of any theme. However, no support is provided for free themes. If you have any questions regarding the support, you must contact the support forum. We answer bug fixing questions, theme issues and other questions. It is not necessary that support includes consultation, installation or customization.

3. Guarantee

We guarantee proper functioning of our themes if the WordPress platform is properly installed. In case our theme is not functioning properly, contact the support team. We will resolve the issue in time.

4. Refunds

There are no refunds. A theme once purchased will not be refunded. In case you face any problem, report to us. We will solve it immediately. Our team will answer all your questions before you buy a theme.

5. Theme Compatibility

The themes work effectively with WordPress 2.9 and above. We ensure that our themes are compatible with the new WordPress versions. But we do not give any guarantee of their compatibility with the old WordPress installations, various plugins and third party software. If you face a problem, we will try our best to find a solution for it. We do not guarantee proper functioning of the themes if the code is modified or the WordPress platform or the theme is not installed properly.

6. Licensing

The design, PHP, XHTML, CSS etc of our themes adhere to the standards of a GPL license. These meet the requirements of WordPress and the license.

7. Affiliates

Affiliates need to have a PayPal account. Affiliates are not paid for any unsuccessful transaction. Affiliates are not paid for ‘sale’ of any free themes. Any abuse of our themes will discontinue you as an affiliate and no payment will be made. We keep a proper track of each transaction and the sales. We reward the affiliates who promote our themes. We condemn unfair sales practices. The below mentioned practices will cause termination and non-payment:

  1. Misrepresenting the services, brand, products and trademark of Themes Desk.
  2. Misleading the users by giving them false information about Themes Desk.
  3. Joining an affiliate program but referring yourself to get a discount on some of our products.

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